Sports betting tips from the experts

Sports betting tips from the experts

If you don’t want to lose your whole pot, you need to consider a few pro tips that should serve as rules.

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Choose a gambling strategy

You can always just gamble on your intuition and luck, but then you might not dream of making any money at the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of betting strategies out there and some of them will work for you.

Don’t bet more than 3% of the pot

For starters you can start by betting in flat (equal amounts on all bets). For example, if your bank is 10,000 roubles, then you shouldn’t bet more than 20 euro. Of course, it is unlikely that you will get rich betting such amounts, but you can increase the stake when you gain experience. Don’t go for big bets and high stakes – odds of 2.00 and a couple of events a day will be enough for starters.

Don’t look at small odds

Many newbies think that low odds are the way to go. Statistics show that small odds always mean losing the whole pot over the long haul. If you bet at odds of 1.15 and 8 out of 10 bets play, you are already at a loss.

Keep a note of your bets

If you write down all bets you place, you will be able to analyse your mistakes. You must realize that not only upcoming matches should be analyzed, but also closed deals. When you learn how to do this, then you will not make the same mistakes.

Don’t get carried away with “steamrolling”.

If you want to select more than one match in one bet, there is no need to “overdo it” with the events. With each successive event you select in a Parlay the odds of winning will decrease. Parlay 2-4 events, otherwise you could be waiting a long time for a win. Also, make sure you do not select any matches that you know nothing about. Without analysis, you won’t be able to play successfully at BK.

More consistency, less emotion

Don’t try to win back immediately after losing a bet. When you have lost two or three bets in a row, you are probably now on negative emotions, so you are exposed to chaotic betting. It is better to rest and take time to analyse the completed event, which will be much more rewarding.

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