Learn cricket betting tips and earn substantial profits from India vs. England Test Matches

With the defeat suffered at the hands of England, the chances of India coming back into the series are narrowing. With the current scenario, England was in an excellent position to win the series with a lead of 4-1 (4.33); provided that India manage to win the last one. In case the Indian squad manages to pull out a draw in the remaining tests. Still, England rules the table with 4-0 (4.50). Going a bit deeper into the series, England squad is currently charged up and rock solid. On the other hand, India’s batting line-up seems to struggle a bit with their bat. In this scenario, England ‘s test score after the end of the 4th test could be 4-0 (2.87).

Let us see what information does the cricket betting tips share with the gamblers about the Indian and England squad:

Indian Squad:

It was clear that the Indian batting line-up highly depended on the captain’s knock to be in its full swing. The test matches played at Edgbaston and Lord’s witnessed a declining strength of India’s batting line-up and shrink upon one single army.

During the first test match played at England, it was a masterstroke from the skipper’s bat that alone built the pillar of 149 runs while the rest managed to score a collective 105 runs. India’s top-order batsmen stumbled in both the first and second innings respectively which pressurized the middle order batsmen.

On the other hand, Indian bowlers gave in their full efforts with outstanding contributions by India’s key test bowler R. Ashwin in supporting role with Ishant Sharma.

The second match presented a worst scenario, where the hosts hold their bats for only one time, and on the other hand, the Indian squad stumbled twice.

England Squad:

Concerning Indian squad, the destiny seems to be in favour of the host squad bagging in two wins at the first two matches played. Joe Root, England’s skipper, accompanied by Jonny Bairstow played an exceptional knock in the first innings of the first test match.

Learn cricket betting tips and earn substantial profits from India vs. England Test Matches

To add on to the missing flavour of their batting line-up, the British bowlers exhibited well with their bowling skills. James Anderson crowns himself with two wickets in both the innings he played for the squad. Scoring a massive 63 runs and clinching in 4 wickets with 74 runs in the first innings and one wicket for 18 runs in the second one, Sam Curran bags in the title of Man of the Match.

With the England bowling department portraying their bowling skills to their best, followers were expecting a massive blow for the Indian squad. Perhaps rain marked its presence. Taking advantage of the pitch as well as the weather conditions, James Anderson was victorious in clinching in about five wickets for 20 runs in the first innings and four wickets for 23 runs in the second one.

Some of the useful cricket betting tips for the gamblers:

  • Since the year 2014, England has ruled their home pitch winning all the matches played so far till date.
  • After suffering a severe loss in the last two tours, still, India reaches England for this test series.
  • The current Indian squad batting line up is entirely focused on the captain to nail it down. To recall, Virat was in the bad patch of his career while he was aboard England’s tour in the year 2014.
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