Top Lotteries Offered in Australia

The lottery industry has been around for a very long time. People may think that lottery games are the product of recent times and maneuvers for generating revenue. The truth is that the lottery games have been around for a really, really long time.

If you think that the lottery games started around 20 or 30 years ago then you need to Google again and you will be surprised to know that your guess was not even close to reality. The lotteries date back to the 15th century but they were introduced on quite a smaller scale. However, King James, I was the one who went on to commercialize the lottery games during his tenure from 1566 to 1625.

If you still think that the lottery games have come and gone with the passage of time then you will be shocked to know that the Dutch National Lottery started back in 1726 and it is played even to this day.

Lotteries in Australia

When it comes to old lottery games, Australia is also one of the most prominent countries that have lottery games that are above or almost a century-old such as The Lott, Lotterywest, scratchcards online. These lotteries have are responsible for accommodating many lottery games so they are played in accordance with the rules and in accordance with Australian laws.

So I have decided to list some of the Lottery Heroes for you so if you get to visit Australia and want to try your luck, then you know exactly which game to look for:

AUS Monday Lotto

This is the first lottery draw that takes place every Monday night and kicks off the week with players winning huge prizes. If you wish to play the AUS Monday Lotto, then you can choose to go with the 6/45 format. In addition to the initial format, you are required to choose two bonus balls. These two bonus balls are added to each ticket purchased to determine the secondary prizes for the draw.

If you are lucky enough to win the 1st division prize, then you definitely win AU$1 million prizes. The best is that for each Monday draw, you have four chances of becoming a millionaire by winning the 1st division prize.

AUS Oz Lotto

Right after the Monday Lotto comes the Oz Lotto whose draws are held every Tuesday night. It is one of the most popular lottery games in the entire country and many people sit in front of their televisions to see the lucky winners being called out. When playing the Oz Lotto, you have the option of choosing 7 numbers from the 1 to 45 format. Similar to the Monday draw, you have to choose 2 bonus balls as well.

These bonus balls also help you win secondary prizes if you turn unlucky for matching any numbers from the 7 primary numbers.

AUS Wednesday Lotto

The third draw for the week is the Australian Wednesday Lotto that is also held at night and millionaires are determined in this draw. So far, the highest record jackpot that a player has managed to win is AU$6 million, which was set back in 2009. Later, certain changes were applied to the game and now the players have the opportunity to win AU$1 million for winning the Division 1 prize.

The AUS Wednesday Lotto is played with the same format as Australia Tuesday Lotto draws.

Australia Powerball Lotto

When it is Thursday, then you have the opportunity to play Powerball online and win the AUS Powerball Lotto. The AUS Powerball Lotto is the biggest and the largest lottery game offered in Australia. The all-time highest jackpot prize given out was for AU$150 million. The draw for the AU$150 million jackpot prize had taken place back on September 19, 2019, and yielded four lucky winners so the prize money was split between the winners.

For the Powerball Lotto, you have the opportunity to choose 7 numbers out of 35 numbers that are available to play. Furthermore, you also have to add a Powerball that needs to be selected from numbers from 1 to 20.