How to avoid misplaying the hardest blackjack hands

Blackjack is a card game that has grabbed the attention of players all around the world for many years. It has a great combination of both skill and chance that makes it massively appealing to casino players that want to have a good chance of walking away with a profit.

It’s available to play at a large selection of different NJ online casino sites, so there is no danger of being unable to find a great place to play.

What does tend to cause some players trouble is the choices to make on certain hands that they are dealt. While a lot of players like to use counting cards as a way to increase their chances of winning, that isn’t an option when playing blackjack online. However, there are certain hands that can cause you trouble which do allow you to tip the odds back in your favor slightly. Here’s how you can increase your winning potential.

Dealt a 10 and 2, dealer showing 3

This is an extremely difficult choice to make. It’s not really a choice that any complicated betting strategies can help with, because it is one of the choices that is very much tipped in the direction of luck. However, stats can help you to make the right choice. Essentially, based on a full deck of cards, there are more cards left in the deck that will nudge you above 17 without going bust than there are cards that will cause you to go bust. So, in this case, choosing to hit will give you statistically the best chance of winning. The reason behind this is that a 3 is unlikely to cause the dealer to bust, so sticking on your 12 is more of a risk than hitting.

Dealt a 6 and 10, dealer showing 10

This is probably the hardest hand you could ever be dealt. A 16 puts you in that horrible spot where you’re not likely to win if you stand or hit. Add to this the dealer being shown a 10; it really is a quandary. Here there are only two options for you to sensibly take. The first is to surrender. You’ll get half of your stake back, which is a better return than your chances of winning. If surrendering isn’t offered in the game you’re playing, then your best bet would be to hit. The dealer is much more likely to have a hand better than 16, so standing at 16 gives you a bigger chance of losing, even with the risk of going bust if you hit.

Dealt two 8s, dealer showing 10

At first glance, this might seem the same as the previous hand. However, there is a difference that makes it slightly easier to deal with. Because you have been dealt a pair, you will be able to split the hand. Most people might think that it is best to surrender or hit with this hand, but that doesn’t take into account the ability to split. If you choose to split the cards, it will instantly give you two new hands. From here, you will have two opportunities to create winning hands, potentially with a better starting position for each hand. Splitting in this situation will give you the best chance of walking away without making a loss.

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