Cat Queen an amazing free slot game by Playtech

If you are in love with slot games, then you must definitely try out the wide variety of slot games that are offered by Playtech Company. Playtech has recently launched the latest and most amazing free slot game cat queen and it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the gamblers. According to the popular belief of ancient Egyptians, cats are considered as sacred and is associated with the goddess Bastet as her messengers. These cats provide protection as well as spiritual comfort and so they have lots of importance for the cat queen. The cat queen provides a lot of comfort to the gamblers in the form of free spins, huge wins, stacked reels and risk game and bonuses. If you are looking to make huge amount of money in gambling, then play the free slot game cat queen.

About the game

The game holds the opportunity of a high win with the help of free games, free spins and stacked symbols. It is based on imaginary and fantastical elements just like most other slot games. The cat queen slot game is a 5 reel and 40 pay line slot machine game, which is played on a board of 20 slots. Multiple symbols are marked across the face of these reels. When the player clicks the spin button, the board is randomised and shuffled in order to create a new 20-symbol set. The bet is placed on the chance that each of the random board would create a pattern. A pattern means the matching set of symbols that are lined up from left to right across any number of lines out of the 40 pay lines. When a pattern is created, the player wins a prize according to the pay table.

stacked Symbols

Cat Queen an amazing free slot game by Playtech

For making sure that, you are often winning on many pay-lines as possible then all the reels areas have been marked on them with all the consecutive symbols that are all the same. These symbols, which are stacked, are allowing the whole reel with the same symbol for winning tons of lines. You can even win the whole boards, which are worth of the same symbol winning all the 40 lines. These stacked symbols are offering the huge chances and you would be getting amazing wins. The other free slot game cat queen also having many exciting features. Whenever you are spinning the three pyramids symbols across the board then you will be winning immediately 15 spins.